Licensed Applicator of USG Levelrock Gypsum Concrete


Q:  What are  the typical uses for gypsum concrete products? 
A:  Typical uses include floor leveling, sound control, fire control, and floor assemblies.

Q:  What type of structures typically use gypsum concrete flooring? 
A: This type of flooring is typically used in apartment buildings, motels, commercial buildings, as well as custom residences.  It is used both for new construction and renovations.

Q:  How long does the floor take to harden and when can I proceed with other trades? 
A:  Depending on ventilation and humidity factors your floor can usually be walked on in a few hours. Other trades may proceed the next day. 

Q:  Why do you offer various Levelrock products.
A:  Each product has it's best use depending on desired strength, thickness, and type of use to  fit your needs.      

Q:  Can any of of your products be used  outdoors?
A:  Gypsum concrete flooring is strictly for interior use, to be installed with a floor covering  such as tile, vinyl, wood or carpeting applied over it.

Q:  Can I purchase a few bags of these products to try? 
A:  Gypsum concrete products are mixed on site with special equipment and applied only by trained licensed applicators.